With his rich experience, Joe offers extensive knowledge in all key elements of marketing, as well as a strong executive presence, a detailed understanding of traditional and digital media, and proven storytelling ability. Some of the strongest capabilities Joe can provide include the following:

Product and corporate marketing strategy. Positive results begin with the right strategy. Understanding the best course of action in managing all the elements of marketing success, assessing the competitive landscape, market and technology trends, and more are all key success factors in creating a winning strategy to build upon.

Positioning and segmentation. After the right strategy comes the right positioning. Determining the most advantageous position to own in the mind of your targeted segments allows you to focus your resources for success. 

Brand building and messaging. Building and maintaining a strong brand doesn't happen by accident. Tap into recognized experience building brand frameworks, personalities, and messaging platforms ranging from startups to powerhouse brands like Microsoft and Verizon.

Campaign management. How are you marketing campaigns performing? Do you have the right KPIs? What are you learning and what is your plan for quickly adjusting to changing conditions?

Strategic partnership building.  Building a comprehensive partner ecosystem and managing those relationships can provide the leverage and scope needed for success. Joe has created and managed partnerships for companies with such leaders as Fujitsu, Motorola, Nokia, Hutchison Whampoa, and others.

Agency selection consulting and pitch management. Joe’s unique perspective of deep first-hand experience on both side of the agency selection and project pitch table allows him a unique perspective and you a distinct advantage. Joe has presided over new business pitches for agencies resulting (conservatively) in more than $50 million of new business and has led agency searches for companies such as Microsoft, Cingular Wireless, Lizardtech, Inc. and many others. Joe knows what works and what doesn’t for each side.


To find out more about what Joe can do for you, contact him directly at 425-417-5408 or joe@joetradii.com

Experience counts. 

Joseph Tradii