• Joe Tradii

Let’s Just Call it "Marketing"

I read a post the other day which made the excellent suggestion we move beyond the “Digital Marketing” label to “Modern Marketing.”

According to Oilve &Co, modern marketing “connects brand with real customers and drives business results by blending strategy, creative, technology, and analysis.” After thinking about it a bit, I wondered where that left “Traditional” marketing, the Ying to Digital Marketing’s Yang.

It seems to me it’s time to ditch both the Digital and Traditional marketing labels. The term Digital came into use because it was a new, technology-driven discipline using “New Media.” I don’t think the media qualifies as “new” any longer. The marketing approach shouldn’t either.

Absolutely, there are sub-specialties that require knowledge in buying and planning, but these efforts should not exist in a vacuum. Nor should a larger marketing strategy. Fracturing the discipline into its various components (digital, social media, traditional, etc) takes the focus away from the integrated strategy that’s needed to create marketing alchemy.

Marketers are often tempted away from this holistic approach by the newest set of shiny keys, but the focus ultimately swings back to the importance of an integrated approach. Breaking marketing into separate pieces only serves to take the emphasis away from a cohesive strategy.

You don’t see people looking for “print marketers” or “radio marketers” at the top strategic level. That’s because print and radio options are accepted as being part of the larger marketing toolbox, not their own separate toolboxes. Time to do the same with “digital.”

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