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Why Streamers Have Embraced Purple, Usually a Divisive Color for Brands


Branded House a House of Cards? Maybe it’s Time to Shuffle the Deck. 

Brand Quarterly

Interviewed by Kelsey Sutton, the streaming editor at Adweek, on the recent rush to purple as a key color in a variety of online streaming brands.

A company’s brand portfolio exists on a continuum 

between a “Branded House” and a “House of Brands." Where a company positions itself has major implications for every aspect of the organization from marketing to product development.

The Changing Playing Field of Ingredient Branding.

Brand Quarterly

Windows Live: The Long, Unhappy Life of a Misunderstood Brand.

Journal of Brand Strategy

Jumpstart Your Product Development.


Ingredient Branding - Check That Recipe.


Lately there have been some major shifts in how the makers of ingredient brands are going to market. From more aggressive advertising to their own branded products, marketers and host brands need to take note.

A mismatch between corporate strategy and brand strategy and have detrimental effects on a company's entire ecosystem. This article explores how things went wrong with what was supposed to be a flagship brand for Microsoft.

Working backward from a fictional product launch can help speed products to market. "Reverse Engineering" the launch clarifies value propositions, positioning, feature sets, pricing, and more on parallel paths with product development.

Understanding the dynamics between an "ingredient" brand and a "host" brand can help both parties develop a mutually beneficial relationship.